Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline

Bennie first represented Jason when he was a juvenile thrown in jail for fighting in school. Years later, the case still haunts her, so, when Jason asks her to represent him again, Bennie feels obligated even though the murder case against him is formidable. Scottoline takes us back to the first case when Bennie fell in love with the uncle of the other boy involved in the fight, an affair that cost her the case and broke her heart. 
Jason is accused of killing the same kid who bullied him in middle school but he insists he was framed. Bennie can’t find any evidence to point jurors in another direction. 
Scottoline includes more legal detail and procedural intricacy than ever – an element that may put off some readers. The love affair happens so quickly that it’s a bit difficult to believe and very difficult to believe it could be rekindled so easily after so many years. But the legal strategy is compelling. Her feelings for Declan add tension when she has to call him to the stand to provide testimony that might help her free the man who may have killed Declan’s nephew. 

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