The Widow by Fiona Barton

Jean’s husband was hit by a bus and killed but she’s not all that torn up about it.  Glen was the main suspect in the kidnapping of a child, an accusation that turned their lives upside down.  Told from several points of view, the author builds an uneasy more than suspenseful story about Glen and Jean’s life.   The reporter who scores an exclusive interview with “the widow” illustrates the determination and obsession of the media, the lead detective reveals how damaging and infuriating the unsolved case has been to his personal life, and Jean’s point of view calls everything into question.  How much did she really know about Glen’s activities?  How honest is she with herself and, therefore, with the reader?  Fiona Barton’s tense novel unfortunately fizzles to a lackluster ending and works better as a character study than as psychological suspense.

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