A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

25489849Shades of Magic #2

Four months after the end of A Darker Shade of Magic, Lila has become part of the crew on what she thinks is a pirate ship, captained by Alucard Emery, a man with just as many secrets as Lila. In Red London, Kell and Rhy struggle with the aftermath of the Black Night. The city is healing but the now-bonded brothers feel a strange restlessness that Rhy hopes to alleviate by entering Kell in the Essen Tasch, a tournament of elements with competitors from Arnes, Faro, and Vesk to demonstrate strength but also political unity and harmony. Captain Emery sets the ship toward Red London to compete in the games which gives Lila a very foolish, mad, and reckless idea. Unknown to all these lands are developments in White London where the death of the evil Dane twins has allowed an even more dangerous being to rise to power.

Adventurous and fast-paced with deeper character development than the first, this second entry in the magical series sheds more light on the lands surrounding Red London, includes one LGBT relationship, and fires up the romance between dutiful Kell and headstrong Lila, just before it pits them against a seriously threatening obstacle.

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