Home by Harlan Coben

Myron Bolitar’s morally-questionable friend, Win, comes out of the shadows to investigate an anonymous tip that the son of Win’s cousin and the boy with whom he was kidnapped ten years ago are alive.  Even though Myron sometimes struggles with it, he mostly accepts Win’s vigilante style of extreme justice, and is eager to help find the boys or at least bring closure to Win’s cousin who assumes her son is dead but has never given up hope.  Myron employs the help of his nephew, Mickey, since he’s the same age as the kidnapped boys if they are still alive.  With their individual and combined sidekicks, Myron and Win piece together clues that don’t make sense, causing them to look more closely at what really happened ten years ago. Fast-paced action with just a few minor flaws.  The usual Bolitar wit is tempered by real emotion as this case hits close to home.

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