Two Days Gone by Randall Silvis

Pennsylvania State Police Sergeant Ryan DeMarco can hardly believe that local professor and popular fiction author Thomas Huston is capable of brutally murdering his wife and children so, while on the hunt for Huston, he also searches for leads that might prove the man’s innocence.

DeMarco is somewhat a rogue cop, not inclined to follow the orders of a boss he doesn’t respect and letting his personal history with the suspect cloud his judgment.  But he’s thorough, throwing himself into the investigation with little more than coffee, alcohol, and a few hours’ sleep as fuel, bothered not only by his doubts about the case but by the complicated  relationship with his estranged wife.

Silvis multiplies the tension with chapters from Huston’s point of view, providing limited insight into the mind of a man who may be on the edge of insanity.  But is he guilty of killing his family?

30014133A tightly plotted, fast-paced and compelling mystery with well-developed and flawed characters.

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