Where It Hurts by Reed Farrel Coleman

Gus Murphy lives on Long Island – but not the trendy Hamptons end.   A former cop, Gus’s life fell apart when his son suddenly died, his marriage crumbled, and his daughter is still struggling to cope.  Now, he works as a driver for a mediocre hotel – friendless, purposeless, and essentially numb to the world until a known criminal asks Gus to look into the brutal torture and murder of his own son.  Why should Gus care?  Even he isn’t sure, but the plea from another grieving father gives him something different to do and gradually kindles the fire in his belly for justice.  What he doesn’t yet know is that the murder is a small part of a much bigger and more dangerous affair. But Gus can’t walk away, even when he’s advised multiple times to do so.  Coleman creates a real and admirable character in Gus whom readers will cheer on as he scrapes and claws his way back to a life worth living – provided his unwanted questions don’t get him killed.

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