Doing the Devil’s Work by Bill Loehfelm

Maureen Coghlin series #2

Maureen Coughlin is an outsider on the New Orleans Police Department but she is determined to make a place for herself on the force. When an investigation raises some red flags about her fellow officers, Maureen looks the other way — but she’s not happy about it. Is being a team player and making a new start worth sacrificing her professional ethics?

CONS:  Excessive profanity throughout.  Almost every character.


Maureen is a good, insightful cop who is sometimes blinded by anger issues.  She stops a car because the situation doesn’t feel right.  While she’s correct, she doesn’t exactly handle the stop professionally.  But she will soon find out that other officers on her team are even more unprofessional – one of the has been taking bribes from a wealthy family who did a lot of good for the NOPD and New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina.  The no good son of the family has become involved with a white supremacist group that has turned its hatred on cops, though.

Maureen is TOUGH – she’s can’t abide comments about her gender and she suffers from anxiety and sleeplessness from an event that happened in the previous novel that isn’t quite explained.

When her house gets shot up, she refuses to stay elsewhere and won’t allow a patron outside because they might get killed.  (Fun note – she’s not in the house at the time because she decides to go out for breakfast.)

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