Not a Sound by Heather Gudenkauf

Amelia Winn’s life was turned inside out when she was struck by a car and lost her hearing.  No longer able to work or communicate easily with her family and friends, she turned to alcohol.  Just as she’s trying to turn things around – to get a job, to repair her estranged husband’s faith in her, to spend more time with her stepdaughter – she and her support dog, Stitch, discover a body in the river.  Amelia trusts her lifelong friend, Jake, and his ability to investigate a murder but she can’t let it go.  Amelia knew the dead woman and there’s a slight chance her murder is related to the suspicious accident that forever altered Amelia’s life.  Author Gudenkauf, who is herself hearing impaired, puts the reader in Amelia’s world.  The character’s inability to hear is sometimes an asset but adds a unique level of danger when she starts investigating elements of the case that she feels Jake isn’t taking seriously.  Stitch is a welcome addition to the story – he’s not always the best trained hearing dog but he is absolutely essential to Amelia’s well-being.  A suspenseful story with an interesting main character.

Flaws:  Amelia not telling Jake what she knows because she feels stupid about it.  An old trope that doesn’t hold up, especially since Jake has been nothing but supportive of her.

Pros:  No offensives – unusual for a thriller these days.

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