The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

I am thinking how I am going to spend the next year ignoring the fact that there will be any year beyond it – I will get wildly drunk whenever possible, dally with pretty girls who have foreign accents, and wake up beside Percy, savoring the pleasant kick of my heartbeat whenever I’m near him.

Such are the thoughts of young Lord Henry “Monty” Montague in 1700-something Cheshire, England, the morning he embarks on a year-long educational tour of Europe with his best friend, Percy. Even with his bookish younger sister in tow for the first two months and accompanied by a guardian, Monty’s intentions lean more toward vice than virtue, especially now that Percy has become, quite recently and unexpectedly, more than a friend in Monty’s heart. Two months later, bored with lectures and formal French parties, Monty makes a typically poor decision and soon the trio is on the run from highwaymen and up to their breeches and petticoats in trouble.

Author Mackenzi Lee touches on social issues such as queer culture, race relations and the education of women in 18th century Europe but mostly this perfect summer read is a deliciously fun romp of an adventure tale with a flirtatious LGBT romance and quick-witted, delightful characters.

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