The Secret Life of Hendrik Groen, 83 1/4 Years Old by Hendrik Groen

“Another year, and I still don’t like old people.” Hendrik Groen decides to start 2013 by keeping a diary of his days at a care home in North Amsterdam. He has many opinions on “the oldies” as he calls them, and about the world at large, that he shares amidst the everyday monotony of the elderly. The diary contains moments of hilarity and moments of wisdom. “You’re supposed to enjoy your sunset years, but it damn well isn’t always easy.” Groen is starting to question whether he wants to continue living if this is what life is – repetitive complaints about aches and pains, the prejudices, jealousy, and bullying of his fellow residents, the constant fear of falling – when a new resident changes everything. A touching, funny, honest, and eye-opening view of aging.

Readalikes:  A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Bachman

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