The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley by Hannah Tinti

1399046-1482438552Loo’s whole world revolves around her father.  At age 12, he’s the only parent she’s ever known.  Loo’s mother, Lily, drowned when she was just a baby.  Hawley and Loo have lived many places since and they never stayed in one place for too long – Hawley was always ready to pack up and move on.   Eventually, they came to the Massachusetts fishing town where Lily grew up and have been here long enough to call it home.  Loo doesn’t know much about Hawley’s past but the scars on his body and the fact that a gun is never far from his reach is enough evidence that they’ve been running and maybe don’t have to anymore.  Weaving past with present, Hannah Tinti tells the violent and heartbreaking stories behind each of Hawley’s bullet holes while Loo starts to become her own person, getting caught up in adventures of her own.  A thread of tension runs through the novel, building very slowly into suspense before reaching a final, thrilling peak.  The tone is atmospheric and can be bleak but Loo and Hawley are compellingly flawed and their journey is a worthwhile trip for the reader.