The Good Liar by Catherine McKenzie

36317933This book caught my eye because of the Chicago setting but the narrative contains almost no regional detail or flavor. As psychological suspense goes, The Good Liar lays out the story well, creating tension through multiple unreliable narrators who all have something to hide and through flashbacks to build the characters and show the experiences that led them to the crucial event on 10/10 when an office building in Chicago exploded, killing hundreds. Cecily saw the building explode – she was on her way to meet her husband in his office on the 15th floor – and her image, captured by a photographer on the street, becomes the signature image of the tragedy. A year later, Cecily still feels unworthy of that role – why does she feel like a fraud? Kate lives in Montreal but is concealing a connection to Chicago and the tragedy – what is it? Franny serves on the same family compensation committee as Cecily. She is revealed mostly through her interviews with the photographer for a documentary. Her responses to his questions indicate that something is not quite right with this woman -who is she?

The groundwork laid by the author is complex and compelling but too many plot twists are predictable or hard to believe and the ending is completely unsatisfying.