Surprise Bag Request

Surprise Bag Instructions for Assigned Librarians:

  1. Open the attached PDF with patron’s survey answers.
  2. Place 5 items on hold for the patron (or 2 depending on the Patron Code).
  3. Include one WOW Comment card with “Surprise Bag Request from [YOUR NAME]” written on top to let the patron know that you’re responding to their request (in case they also have their own holds on the shelf). You may want to keep a list of the items in case the patron requests more of the same!
  4. Let the patron know the Surprise Bag is ready:
        -if the patron provides an email address, use LibAnswers (include library hours).
        -if the patron does not, call the patron but update the LibAnswers question to indicate that the request was filled and the patron was notified by phone.
  5. Close the question on LibAnswers.